What is the Order Review page?

The final page before you submit your order is the Order Review page. This page gives you an overview of the services that you have selected and summarizes the order that you are about to place. It gives you an opportunity to review the information and, if necessary, go back and correct anything.

Included on this page is the Estimated charges and fees section. This section itemizes all the expected fees and charges and estimates the total amount that you will be charged based on the selections that you have made, for example, urgent service fees or additional add-ons such as Double Check.

  • When you are filing court documents, One Legal will pay all court filing fees that are due to the court on your behalf up front. Where the court’s system allows, these fees will also be displayed on the Order Review page.

    For some courts, estimates of the statutory court fees that the court will require for the filing are not available from the court’s system at the time the order is placed.

    One Legal will pay all fees that are assessed by the court when the filing is accepted and add these to your final invoice. However, in this case the statutory court fees that are due will not appear as part of the Estimated charges and fees section.


If your firm’s default payment method is to pay by credit card, you can select the preferred payment card for a particular order from this screen – the card you select will be charged when the order is complete.

If you need to, you can even add a new card before finalizing your order. You can also give your card a nickname, to make it easy to keep track of which card you’d like to use while ordering. 

* Please be aware that the information displayed in this section is an estimate. Depending on the specific circumstances of your order the final invoiced amount may reflect adjustments from the estimate.

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